Compliance & Safety Management

compliancesafety management rawpixel inwardsmarineThe purpose of Active Compliance Management is to ensure that your vessel is maintained in a safe and legal status at all times. Our professional partners continually monitor the forever changing international marine regulations. We recommend that all relevant changes are applied.

Our Mini International Safety Management (Mini-ISM) package includes the use of the bespoke web based application specifically designed for use by iPads, iPhones as well as Android portable devices. Owners, Captains and Managers are then able to manage a yacht’s operating and safety procedures in a secure, efficient and paperless environment.

It also allows them the ability to complete drills and checklists in off-line mode when they are outside of internet range. All data is synchronised with the shore based server when the device used to record the information reconnects to the Internet. (This service has a one-time setup fee).