Financial, Legal & Administration

financial legaladministration jonathan brinkhorst inwardsmarineManaging a yacht’s finances can be a complex and time consuming process. Yachting expertise is required to provide an accurate budget and to set up an appropriate accounting system and expenditure system. 


With our specialist knowledge and procurement expertise, substantial financial savings will be made in the day to
day running of the vessel.


Together we can work with you to provide a realistic operating budget to suit your requirements based on our experience and trade contacts. We can then ensure a streamlined accounting process which is set up in advance, with the necessary checks & balances in place to monitor all expenses.


Each yacht is supplied with a customised accounts package and familiarisation training and support are given to the Captain. We monitor all expenditure and supply detailed and transparent accounts to the Owner. 


Once the customised accounting system is set, a simple periodic transfer into the yacht’s account has to be made to cover monthly running costs.