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THE 26TH HULL OF THIS REMARKABLE LONG-SELLER HAS ENTERED THE WATERFerretti Group Superyacht Yard - Ancona Ancona, March 27, 2023The Custom Line Shipyard celebrates the launch of the twenty-sixth Custom Line Navetta 33, a masterpiece of made-to-measure design and elegance.
OVER 70,000 SQUARE METRES OF SURFACE AREAA TOTAL INVESTMENT OF 80 MILLION EUROS Forli, March 20, 2023Ferretti Group announces the acquisition of a production site of over 70,000 square metres, including a dry dock, in San Vitale (province of Ravenna).
AN ICON OF QUALITY, ELEGANCE AND DESIGNThe new yacht in the brand's displacement line has entered the water for delivery Ancona, March 15, 2023Custom Line has launched its second superyacht in 2023, the twelfth hull in the Custom Line Navetta
MAKE ROOM FOR THE SKYan upper deck transformed into an exclusive indoor area where you can touch the sky Forli, March 16, 2023The determination of Ferretti Yachts to keep raising the standards of comfort and liveability has produced a spectacular new
AN ICON OF SUPERIOR QUALITY, AMBITIOUS DESIGN AND SUMPTUOUS TAILORED STYLECRN's new 72 metre steel and aluminium creation has touched the water for  the first time Ancona, March 13, 2023A new full-custom CRN megayacht was launched today at the Ferretti
PREPARES TO LAUNCH THE CRN M/Y 139 the new 72 metre fully custom steel and aluminium megayacht Ancona, March 10, 2023 During the positioning process, this imposing yacht’s dynamic lines have caught the eye with their impressive blend of elegance and
PARTNERS AGAIN for the 2023 Formula 1 World Championship Season Sarnico, March 9, 2023A red and aquamarine thread ties together the history and success of both these modern-day legends: Riva and Ferrari symbolise everything iconic and unrivalled about Italian-made products, which