20th October 2023

 Smarter Marina Utility Solutions r Smater Technologies Orion
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Real-time pedestal utility monitoring and control for marinas and holiday parks.

With today's escalating energy and water costs, understanding customers' individual energy consumption and ensuring accurate billing has never been more important.  Smarter Technologies' wireless, real-time metering solutions offer retrofit and complete smart pedestal solutions for your sites.

Simplify and Centralise Operations for Enhanced Efficiency

Smarter Technologies' smart pedestals use low-power, proprietary, patented wireless IoT technology that seamlessly integrates with your existing software and systems to provide an end-to end solution for centralised asset management.


By leveraging the power of Orion, The Real-Time Data Network's real-time monitor and intelligent data, we bring together all aspects of leisure facility management into a unified platform.  This integration allows you to efficiently monitor a wide range of parameters.



Smart pedestals cater to 1ph and 3ph setups and allow customers to  scan a QR code and download an app for easy digital utility payments and consumption tracking.  Alternatively, retrofit Ortion techonolgy to upgrade your existing pedestal, transforming them into intelligent power hubs.



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