19th October 2023

'set to make waves at the largest in-water boat show in the world'

The new wallywhy150 to make its US debutat BODY

Fort Lauderdale, October 18th 2023 - Gathering exceptionally positive feedback at this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival, the wallywhy150 will make its US debut at the upcoming Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) from 25 to 29 October 2023.

“The wallywhy150 has been developed on the same concept as the larger wallywhy200, and in fact both models were conceived at the same time four years ago,” says Stefano de Vivo, Managing Director at Wally. Following the successful debut of the wallywhy200 in 2021, there’s every reason to be excited about the arrival of her stunning smaller sister. “What we’re doing is offering those same features of the bigger vessel but in a smaller package, with design decisions that have created a unique and ultimately highly liveable 23.99-metre motor yacht with unparalleled interior and exterior spaces, and a layout that will be envied by everyone who sees her. We didn’t see the smaller volume as a compromise,” de Vivo adds, “but rather a challenge and a new way to innovate – and at 150 gross tonnes, the wallywhy150 is actually a true ‘space-ship’, pushing into new frontiers for a sub-24-metre yacht.”

Of course, there are certain key criteria that define the wallywhy200 that were central to the design of the new wallywhy150. There’s the master cabin in the high bow at main deck level complete with sweeping 270-degree panoramic view, and there’s the nod to one-level living found on the wallywhy200 with an extraordinary split-level salon-cum-dining area that leads straight out onto the aft beach, coupled to interior design from Studio Vallicelli Design. Up top, there’s a vast salon en plein air that runs nearly the entire length of the yacht ¬– part sundeck, part chill lounge, and part party space – with the trademark angular hardtop providing shade and weather protection while extending seamlessly from the stealth-style glass raised pilothouse.

The effect is not only immediate in terms of striking aesthetics – unmistakeably Wally – but also in terms of the genius of the spaces and what they offer. This is the traditional idea of what a yacht should be completely inverted to show what a yacht can be: bold, brilliant, and utterly practicable for big days out on the water with family and friends.

The forward master takes everything the wallywhy200 offers and slides it into the smaller 150 with barely a hint of compromise. The comfortable double bed still gets its walkaround space and still benefits from that glorious yawn of a view, a true aquatic amphitheatre to watch the ever-changing play of the sea and sky. Below, there are options for either a VIP, guest double and guest twin cabins, or two VIP cabins. Whichever layout is preferred, the stretch of glass that enwraps the hull and superstructure means vast vistas and natural light in abundance.

Back on the main deck, the interior is split between a lower and upper salon area, with low-rise steps connecting the two. The standard layout would be to have the sofa on the upper level and dining on the lower, but this is not set in stone. Indeed, flexibility is key here, and this space begs to be configured in original ways – and, of course, customisation in function, materials and finishes is the Wally way, meaning each wallywhy150 can bear the unique mark of her owner. In addition, there is an option for an open-plan galley to open up the area even more.

“There are plans to do a few funky configurations to please the different uses of the yacht that different owners will have,” says de Vivo. “Some of our clients will use it as a family boat, some will use it as a dayboat and others will use it as a chase boat. That’s kind of the point – we can provide an exceptional platform and then let people’s imaginations run wild.”

For a yacht that packs in surprises and innovations at every turn, it’s hard to pick out highlights – but the aft terrace on the main deck is a clear contender. “The terrace-on-the sea is as ingrained in Wally’s DNA as carbon fibre,” enthuses Luca Bassani, Wally’s Founder and Chief Designer. “It was first introduced aboard Tiketitan, which had a main salon below deck overlooking the open transom offering unique access to the sea. In 2012 the terrace-on-sea concept was reinterpreted for the first wallyace, which featured an aft owner’s suite and VIP cabin opening onto the terrace-on-the-sea. It’s something that has been there from the beginning and it’s one of the key differentiators Wally has versus other boats, which is the feeling of connection with the sea.” In order to do that, says Bassani, you have to have an uninterrupted view and continuous flow between the inside and outside. It’s an idea the wallywhy150 takes and expands upon to deliver a truly exceptional guest-area experience.

“The terrace-on-the sea concept was then carried over to the new wallytenders and the wallypowers – it’s a fil rouge that connects the Wally DNA, and you could be on a Wally sailing yacht or a wallywhy and they both feel like a Wally,” explains Bassani. “It’s challenging to design, because you are near the water and there’s a lot of engineering that has to be completed to ensure it’s a safe space that won’t get flooded, but our experience comes to the fore in that regard and it’s a feature that is superbly designed and executed on the wallywhy150.”

“Wally design always follows function, so the pilothouse’s angular design which is reminiscent of the wallypower range – and the original wallypower118 in particular – is a consequence of the T-top and is almost a happy coincidence,” Bassani adds. “But when you use the same kind of shapes you end up with the same kind of solutions, and that’s also why we have chosen a similar colour to the 118. It’s a little bit of an homage to that iconic design.”

In engineering terms, Wally has been able to draw not only on its own experience developing ultra-lightweight and geometrically complex sailing and motor yachts, but also on the extensive expertise of the Ferretti Group Engineering team. The result is dramatic, with the hull carrying huge expanses of glass that not only provide the forward, elevated master suite with the trademark wallywhy wraparound bow windows, but also create double-decker full-height windows in the split level salon.

“The structure has to be very well thought out,” says de Vivo, “because basically it’s a glass cage, but you also have to consider the piping and cable runs, air-conditioning ducting and other technical elements that have to be incorporated. There’s a lot of planning and engineering design that goes into it, and the reality is also that we are using glass of a thickness you would typically find on a 50- or 60-metre yacht, which confers exceptional strength to the structure. That is not typical for a sub-24-metre boat.”

The wallywhy150 is not typical in any respect. The aft cockpit flows from the lower part of the salon, creating a vast indoor-outdoor terrace that flows uninterrupted from the upper salon forward to the sea aft. Clever design means stoppers can be raised to separate the lowering aft portion of the terrace from the forward part, creating a seaworthy barrier for passagemaking while allowing unrestricted water access at anchor. The hydraulic aft platform can be lowered both for launching a tender or as a submerged beach and swim platform, and the design allows not only for the carrying of a variety of water toys but also of a 3.9-metre tender.

The wallywhy150 will also offer her owners the capacity for extended cruising, with a range of around 400 miles promised at cruising speed. Powered by optional triple Volvo Penta IPS1350s, the 150 will be capable of a mile-chomping 23 knots top speed, with standard Volvo Penta IPS 1200s delivering 21 knots. Moreover, she will be an exceptional sea boat. “She’s extremely stable,” says Bassani, “and that’s mostly down to her hull shape, but also down to her construction which uses carbon up top to reduce weight aloft.” Of course, she is also offered with stabilisation to ensure comfort both underway and at rest.

The combination of avant garde looks, astonishing spaces and admirable performance perhaps explains why a concept like the wallywhy, which eschews boating convention, already boasts a growing fanbase among owners. “The reach of the wallywhy range has already proven surprising, because Wally has never been for everybody – we’re not afraid to push boundaries of design function, and we always take things to the extreme,” Bassani admits. “But the surprising thing is that a lot of clients who visited the wallywhy200 were very surprised by the volume you get inside, the usability, and the shock of the exterior space, and then it all starts to make sense to them,” he continues. “A lot come back after seeing other boats saying nothing else compares to it, and we believe the wallywhy150, because of what it offers for a 23.99-metre yacht, will garner an even stronger reaction.”

Adds de Vivo, “Like with all new Wallys, the wallywhy150 is revolutionary and it has to be seen, touched, felt and experienced first-hand – it’s very hard to judge without being on board. The spaces and the volumes are incredible. The salon, for example, is over 2.5 metres high,” he continues, “which is crazy when you think about it because it’s a boat under 24 metres – you don’t even get that on a 70-metre yacht. And the deckhead there is curved fore-and-aft and transversally, creating a dome-like effect – it’s just incredible and you have to see it to believe it. We asked a lot to our engineers but when you find those solutions you start to see new opportunities and innovative ideas, like the deckhead, start to evolve. It all comes together and the result is something really new in this highly competitive size range.”

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