Riva Aquarama - An exceptional book

21st July 2022

“There are no limits to the beauty of the Aquarama, how perfect it looks and how timeless. It was an instant classic. You could have an eighty-meter yacht, but people will always look at the Aquarama first.”
Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group

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Sarnico, July 5th 2022 - When it comes to glamour and high style on the seas, there’s nothing more captivating than the Aquarama. Dreamed up by the legendary Carlo Riva, the run-about wooden speed has become an icon of Italian design and the Riva Aquarama book, edited by Assouline, celebrates its 60th Anniversary. Beloved for its clean lines, mahogany, glistening chrome details and signature robin’s egg-blue and cream upholstery, the Aquarama reflected la dolce vita optimism of early-‘60s Italy; it’s impossible to picture the glittering Côte d’Azur and coasts of Europe without visions of endless summers spent lounging on the back of the boat in the warm summer sun, and the gentle roar of the engine as the Aquarama cuts through the surf.

The Riva icon enjoyed a mythical status and was beloved by movie stars, heads of state and royalty - everyone from Brigitte Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor, Gunter Sachs and the royal family of Monaco, among countless other luminaries, have been enchanted by the Aquarama’s spell. Of the about 760 completed Aquaramas made in the Sarnico shipyard, Riva experts estimate around 650 are still in existence, which only adds to the boat’s legendary status. But more than just a trophy, the Aquarama is fiercely beloved by its owners and enthusiasts alike—it’s not just a boat, but the realization of a dream.

In this exceptional tribute to the Aquarama, author Michael Verdon tells the story of the legendary boat and brings to life its dolce vita charm. The book is also offered in a special edition, presented in a luxury mahogany box that is crafted to express the beauty of the Aquarama’s magnificent hull. This special edition offers owners, collectors and enthusiasts alike a piece of the Riva dream. EDITED BY Assouline


TEXT BY Michael Verdon


DIMENSIONS: 58 x 49 x 17 cm – 23 x 19 x 6,7 in. | 208 pages | over 200 illustrations 

HARDCOVER in a luxury clamshell case

ISBN: 9781649800657

PRICE: € 920

AVAILABLE online at Riva Boutique


EDITED BY Assouline

TEXT BY Michael Verdon


DIMENSIONS: 61 x 54 x 18 cm – 24 x 21 x 7 in. | 208 pages | over 200 illustrations 

HARDCOVER in a luxury clamshell case

ISBN: 9781649800664

PRICE: € 1900

AVAILABLE online at Riva Boutique

About Michael Verdon
Michael Verdon is the marine/aviation editor at Robb Report magazine. He has been a staff editor for multiple boating magazines and has written about boats for dozens of publications around the world. He has won multiple awards, but his most prized is the Pionieri della Nautica from the Italian marine trade association UCINA, which recognizes contributions to the country’s boating industry from foreign journalists.

About Oliver Pilcher
Born in Scotland, Oliver Pilcher studied sculpture at the Edinburgh College of Art before embarking on a photographic career that has taken him all around the world and given him the opportunity to shoot for some of the world’s finest brands. Oliver has been a contributing photographer at Condé Nast Traveler for over ten years. He currently divides his time between New York and Costa Rica with his wife, Abigail and their four children, Andalucia, Bianca, Constantina, and Herbie.

About Assouline
Founded in Paris in 1994 by Prosper and Martine Assouline, Assouline is the first luxury brand on culture. It began with the desire to create a new, contemporary style of book, using the couple’s experienced eye for visually rich stories and compelling narratives. Guided by their passion for knowledge, culture and travel, the Assoulines have since expanded their vision to 1,700 titles in three main collections, along with special editions and unique library accessories—a grand oeuvre of inspiring creations. Throughout the last quarter of a century, the brand has established a network of international boutiques in prominent locations across the globe. Assouline has also inaugurated a curated library service, working closely with clients to visualize, design, and develop bespoke, one-of-akind libraries. With a distinguished team of creative talents - which includes the founders’ son Alexandre - the brand continues to reinvent the notion of true luxury. Assouline’s roster of collaborators includes some of the world’s most respected brands, artists, photographers, writers and designers. Assouline continues to exude an unparalleled signature style and elegant savoir faire, which has globally redefined modern publishing.

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