Ferretti History


"I was still very young when my father gave into my protracted pleading and bought me the most important toy of my life: a small French-made boat, just 5.70m long.  This was the start of an activity that began as a game and went on to become one of the finest stories of Italian manufacturing, culminated in the foundation of the Ferretti Group.  Probably one of the most important factors in this success story was an unbridled passion, something that is normally expressed in play and games.  After forty years, I am convinced that a boat is the most wonderful toy a man of success could ever wish for, but is also true that a great deal is expected from this toy, because it is an object loved more than any other"  - Norbetto Ferretti, Ferretti S.p.A

Ferretti was born in 1968 when brothers Alessandro and Norberto Ferretti created the first nautical division of the family business. In 1971, their first model, a comfortable and safe wooden wooden motor-sailer equipped with both sails and an engine, was greeted with much acclaim.

They quickly progressed and expanded their range and in 1993, Ferretti of Amercia inc was realised followed by a strategic network of dealers outside of Europe. Their expanision also marked the beginning of Ferretti's participation in Offshore competitions winning titles such as the 1994 and 1997 World Offshore Championships Class 1 and the 1995 European Championships.

Their expansion strategy resulted in the Ferretti Groups acquisitions of the infamous shipyards/brands starting with:

Custom Line in 1996 operating in the segment of fibre glass yachts, measuring 28 to 40m, followed by:

Pershing - boasting incredible comfort and performance,

CRN - a shipyard specialising in the production of luxury maxi and mega yachts with steel and aluminium superstructures,

Riva S.p.A - one of the most prestigious shipyards,

Mochi Craft; encapsulating the timeless New England lobster boat style,

Itama, instantly recognisable by their timeless design, familiar Itama blue deep V hulls and of course, their 100% devotion to the authentic ‘open’ style

as well as taking over Diesse Arredamenti, in order to acquire new skills in the nautical furnishing sector, Pinmar S.L., a company specialised in yacht painting and refitting and Zago S.p.A., an Italian company operating in high profile wooden manufactured pieces and furnishings.

In 2008 the Ferretti Group acquired the assets, brands and activities of Allied Marine, an American company specialised in After Sales services and marketing of both new and pre-owned motor yachts, as well as brokerage services. This new acquisition further strengthened Ferretti Group’s position on the American market, enabling it to strategically enter important sectors with a high added value, such as distribution and After Sales assistance services.

In 2012, Shandong Heavy Industry Group – Weichai Group (“SHIG-Weichai Group”), one of the largest manufacturers of high-speed diesel engines in the PRC and a leading company in the power chain market, acquired the 75% of the share capital in Ferretti Group.

Today Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group, guides the new management team with the aim of refocusing on R&D and product innovation, also to introduce the Group's products—ambassadors of technology and Made in Italy style—into new markets.